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The Sound of Mark's? Busy Busy.

  • September 03, 2015 /

  • by T.K.

So what does a good fish shop sound like? We never really thought about it until now. Having fantastic food and great service should be a given, but there is yet another element required to bring about a truly remarkable fish and chip atmosphere - a shop with LIFE

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- - Intriguing Customer Quotes - -

Below is a list of the funniest, odd and most intriguing quotes by our customers from over 50 years in the industry (1960-2015)

“Can I please have 50 Bacon & Cheese Fritters, is that do-able?”

-A wealthy farmer.

"Why didn't you tell me my eye was upside down?"

-White bearded man.

"Will a serve of chips fill me up?"


"If you pay me, I will do anything"

-Local builder.

"Good to see you back, this is where you belong"

-A tall woman.

"Hello fishy people"

-Young child.

"Can I please have 1 of every single item that you sell?"

-Twenty-one year old girl.

"I wish I knew you years ago"

-Elderly lady.

"So much life in here, at least you like having a chat"

-Mother of two.

"Haha, even dogs like your chips, my dog doesn't want to leave"

-Female uni student.

"I just want to sit down with my tomato sauce"

-Boy, 3 Years old.

"You work way too hard, f****n"

-A family man.

"My grandson is sick and said he wants some chips so he can feel better"

-A Grandmother.

"I just need something to get rid of this f***n hangover"

-6 foot drunk man.

"Your chips are way too thick"

-A returning customer.

"Can I have 20c worth of Chips?"

-Confused man.

"My girlfriend has been shrinking over the years, she's getting shorter"

-A very short fellow.

"You are a grumpy old man"

-Ex-Prisoner from Junee jail.

"If I have to pay for Sauce then I am going to steal it from Woolies"

-Broke man.

"How do I learn Greek?"

-Man who swears alot.

"I am homeless, penniless and hungry, ah well"

-Man down on his luck.

"We've had alot of funerals today"

-An undertaker.

"Are you married and are you interested?"

-A single man.

"Where does all the Tomato Sauce keep coming from??"

-Young boy.