Food Time.

Our Food.

Mark's has traditionally been known for its award winning Fish & Chips, but our menu reaches far beyond the everyday favourites. All our food creations are prepared fresh daily using only quality ingredients and approved work practices ensuring the very best food, everytime. Our products are sourced ethically and are carefully selected to maintain the quality we always strive for, using both local producers and distributors.


We have a delicious range of fish available daily. Fresh Whiting, Barramundi, Blue Grenadier, Snapper and Victorian Flake are available battered, crumbed or grilled. We sometimes offer additional varieties not normally listed on our menu such as Trevally and Dory depending on seasonal availability. Please contact us for further information. Those that have tried our fish will agree that they just want to keep coming back for more. We suppose this is because Mark's batter is unrivalled and cannot be matched.

Chunky Chips.

Exclusive to Mark's. We launched the Chunky Chip phenomenon, making Mark's the very first store ever in Australia to publicly offer Chunky style chips. This history goes back to the 1960s when we cultivated the creation at Paddy's Markets in Sydney, at a time when proprietors Mark and Georgina operated the famous Dad and Dave's Hot Chip & Food vans at both Flemington and Haymarket venues. (Visit Our Chunky Chips are like no other - We personally hand cut our 20mm thick Chunky Chips in-house daily from freshly washed and peeled potatoes, which we carefully source and select to adhere to our own standards of quality. With a hearty and clean potato taste our Chunky Chips magically pair with our very own Chicken Salt. You won't find our Chunky Chips anywhere else, they are immensely popular and will always satisfy even the hungriest fan.


Did you know that we make some of the best burgers around? Our retro style and traditional burgers are big and juicy and are available as: Plain Hamburger, The Lot, Chicken Burger, Fish Burger and the recent addition of our Greek Burger for a truly mediterranean taste. We also cook up a mean Steak Sandwich and Bacon & Egg Roll, which sounds about right for brunch. This might be because our weekend customers tell us that they serve as an awesome hangover cure. *wink wink*

Hawaiian Sandwich.

Ahh yes, the Hawaiian. It has what you might call - A Cult following. A serious piece of work, it is a recipe like no other. Particulary difficult to describe, what you need to know is that it is a concoction of Ham, Cheese & Pineapple, sandwiched between 2 thick slices of bread, battered and topped with icing sugar for a hot savoury/sweet/tropical adventure. Those who have tried this know all too well how addictive the Hawaiian Sandwich is. If you haven't tried it yet, you are certainly missing out. Chop Chop!

Bacon & Cheese Fritter.

There are 2 things that you can never do without. 1. Bacon... 2. Cheese. The Bacon and Cheese fritter is one of our golden favourites. It's crispy, It's savoury, goes well with plain or chicken salt along with almost any sauce you throw at it. Some die hard fans have been known to order more than 50 at a time. Yep...50. Only at Mark's

Other Goodies.

No Fish and Chip shop is complete unless it has the original goodies. Mark's has Tasmanian Scallops, Calamari Rings, Prawn Cutlets, Seafood Sticks, Potato Scallops, Fish Cocktails, Chiko Rolls, Dim Sims, Spring Rolls, Battered Savs and a whole lot more.

The Greek Spin.

Let's admit it. Greeks do Fish and Chips best. We have always maintained an exotic Mediterranean twist into our recipes which have been handed down from past generations, allowing us to share this fabulous way of life with our customers, family and friends. Everyone loves Greek food and Mark's has recently added some very special items such as the Greek Burger, Greek Souvlaki and a range of truly Greek sweets. Mark's is the only establishment in Wagga Wagga to offer truly Greek food, made by Greeks directly. It's all Greek to us, too!

MilkShakes etc...

We all know the taste of a sweet icy cold milkshake on a dozey summer day. This is why you get a retro range of flavours to dance with when you next visit Mark's. If you're lucky, you might find Mark or Georgina secretly ripping into a banana milkshake themselves. They are have been warned.

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